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Now reach out to students from top universities and hire them scientifically. We map not just the skills but also the core values, interests and motivational drives of the intern and suggest interns who fit the work style and culture perfectly and would perform a lot better than the intern recruited through conventional CV screening. Please provide the following details to the best of your knowledge for best services.
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Specific Requirements
 Science and Maths (including research, engineering, technology, data analysis and statistics)
 Management (including Marketing, HR, Sales, hospitality)
 Commerce (including Finance, Banking and Management)
 Arts (including performing arts, Media and Graphics)
 Biological Sciences (including medicine, health and fitness and agriculture)
 Social Sciences (including governance, politics, economics and civil services)
 Education and Training
 Social Work

  Physical- skilled at working with machines or tools, doing experiments. Basically working with hands, physically active and has good motor coordination.
  Informative- a scholar skilled at research or analysis. Can work through brain with good ideas and logics.
  Creative- An expressive and creative person with artistic and innovative skills of performing, writing, designing or music.
  Interactive- A friendly person who can help, guide, mentor or greet people, skilled in interaction
  Persuasive- An energetic and outgoing person who is able to influence or persuade others and can also lead and manage people
  Administrative- A well organized person with clerical and numerical abilities who can work with data, details and information and able to organize and structure it well

  Logical Thinker, Responsible, Attentive and a Principled Person
  People's person, Caring, Reliable, who can go an extra mile and also create a feel-good atmosphere
  Hardworking, Risk Taking, Efficient and Inspirational
  Creative, Compassionate and able to interpret deep meanings
  Complex thinking, ability to focus, observe and work in detail with knowledge
  High problem solving skills with critical thinking, working with exactness and highly committed
  A multitasker good at networking with people, seeking challenges, playful, optimistic and full of enthusiasm
  A good leader with powerful negotiation skills, competitive, logical thinker and self-reliant, empowering others
  An empathetic, open-minded, a good listener, adapt to changes and the best team-worker

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