Q1. What is the problem being solved
The uninformed career decision taken by most of the students lead to dissatisfaction in jobs and ultimately in life. The exceptionally good perception of few fields (like engineering) and colleges (like IITs) lead to a lot of societal pressure among students. This continues even in colleges wherein one decides internships in order to build a good CV, many times unintentionally, because this is what is common and 'secure' way to success.
Q2. How do you propose to solve it
Our service model has been designed with psychology of a student in mind and caters to both consultancy and moral support.It has fundamentally has 3 stages Introspection ( psychological approach to find out skills, interests,aptitude ,core values and identify a possible career field), Information ( secure theoretical and practical exposure in the previously identified fields ) , Independency ( providing mentorship and fellowship to give assurance and guidance) by leveraging the unused human network.
Q3. What are the key benefits of your proposition. What do you consider unique or innovative about your initiative?
As opposed to only ‘professional’ consultancy and guidance, we encourage peer learning(learning from immediate seniors & peers).
We have developed a more interactive & enjoyable method to 'explore' career rather than presenting it as serious issue by imposing numerous tests, creating long reports to 'decide' career, creating more pressure.
The current services do not enlighten them about core values and miss providing practical exposure.
The most unique and best feature of our service is the Independency wherein we connect them to like minded students & mentors, enabling them to counter social pressure and influence which is primarily missing.
"Career decision is a journey not a destination"
Q4. Geographical areas of operation (village/district/state names)?
New Delhi and nearby cities.
Q5. How can be a part of the MyPeers community?
You have to attend the workshop to be a part.
Q6. How can I attend the workshop?
You can mail us your details (name, location, college/school and course, contact details) and we will reach out to you with the information of our upcoming workshop.