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Successful career is a journey, not a destination. Let us travel together.
1 Exploration


The first step towards an effective career decision is knowing yourself at the best. Know about your skills, interests and core values which affect majority of your decisions taken sub-consciously.

2 Knowing yourself

Hands-On Experience

A good psychometric test is not all that can help one decide a career. Career is a journey not a destination. Explore your interest areas by trying them hands-on.

3 Network

MyPeers & MyMentor

Do you think even after exploring and trying, you can settle well with a career fully satisfied? Perhaps no. Here is where you need proper guidance and a good environment to pursue your dream.

Discover Your 'Best' Self

Discover the 3 levels of yourself
with the activities developed scientifically
The Face I am aware of but others may not be knowing
  • What roles do I play in daily life?
  • Why do I like these roles?
  • What do I value the most?
The Face clearly visible to others but may or may not be known to me.
  • What are my skills?
  • What are my interests?
  • What is my Job-Fit?
The Face niether me nor others are aware of
  • Why do I behave in a certain way?
  • What are my values, beliefs, motivations, fears and challenges which affect my decision making?
  • What are my inner and external strengths and weaknesses?
  • Why do I perform in better some situations than others?
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Opportunity Network

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MyWays has built a unique opportunity network called MyOppo exclusively for MyPeers. MyOppo helps connect MyPeers with suitable internship opportunities in order to gain exposure and hands-on work experience. The idea behind the network is to bridge the gap between theoretical learning and practical application. Most colleges impart only theoretical learning with little or no practical exposure. It’s our earnest endeavour to map the interests of the participants and provide them aligned opportunities. MyOppo allows participants to find peers with complementary skills and facilitates co-creation. MyOppo network also tracks the progress of MyPeers through our growth tracking tools thereby making our approach holistic and wholesome.

My MeetUp

MyWays believes in leveraging the power of networking with peers and mentors. With the aim of connecting MyPeers and assessing further the impact of the introspection workshop, MyWays conducts regular meetups for the workshop attendees. It is a platform to analyse the growth and improvement in personality and clarity in career prospects since the workshop.It is a get together of like -minded people so that they can learn, co-create by finding complementary skills and get the right career fit.

The Meetup has an array of informational activities that teach teamwork and many allied skills. The Meetup is characterised by a speaker (MyMentor) session in which a person leading in his/her field motivates MyPeers, by sharing his/her life story, to keep following their ways.

The Meetup rightly called MyMeetup gives each MyPeers the support and the confidence to overcome the constraints put by the society and the confidence to reduce the societal pressure and convert peer pressure to peer learning.

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